The first car, locomotive and hot air balloon come to life, again!

In October 2019, a family-friendly attraction that is unique in Europe opened its doors in North Tallinn: the PROTO invention factory. The experience centre is located in the foundry of the former top-secret Noblessner submarine factory, offering visitors dozens of attractions based on innovative technology and the exciting atmosphere of amazing inventions from the era of Jules Verne. 

The PROTO invention factory is a unique combination of novel VR technology and prototypes of technology more than a century old, forming an entertaining experiment centre. The volume of the invention factory is also considerable: there are dozens of attractions awaiting new adventurers, available at various levels of difficulty and for every age group. There are more than 20 attractions in total, and the factory can fit nearly 200 visitors to play in the experience stations at the same time.

The world that opens up through VR goggles creates a direct sensory experience for the visitor. Visitors are taken back to a time when the world had complete faith in the steam engine, and Jules Verne’s fantastic machines and inventions that we know so well were the talk of the day. Here, you can drive the world’s first car and steam locomotive, walk on the bottom of the ocean, and fly over the clouds in the world’s first hot air balloon. All the games and activities take place in a former top-secret factory, where visitors can participate, study and play. Virtual technology enables people to see 360 degrees of their surroundings while also taking decisions for themselves. It’s also possible to collect points at the various attractions, and compare the scores later with your children, friends or family members.

The PROTO invention factory also offers educational programmes for students. Little kids are entertained in the children’s area by our big and small, clever and educational exhibits. There is also a great opportunity to rent PROTO’s unique rooms for a wide variety of events.

The historical buildings of the Noblessner shipyard are a treasure trove of Tallinn’s industrial architecture. PROTO opened its doors in the Noblessner Foundry, where a few years ago people were enjoying performances of Arvo Pärt’s ingenious “Adam’s Passion“, directed by the world-renowned Robert Wilson. It has been a secret and closed place since it was established in the early 20th century. Emanuel Nobel, the nephew of Alfred Nobel, who instituted the Nobel Prizes, built a total of 12 submarines here with his business partner Arthur Lessner, as part of a secret programme for the Imperial Russian Navy.

The new development in the Noblessner quarter includes a well-designed quayside area that combines the old and the new, apartments, commercial premises and creative spaces. There are also marina, a town square and several cafes and restaurants. In addition to the PROTO invention factory, visitors will be able to enjoy the Kai Art Centre. And in the near future, a renovated beach promenade will provide a beautiful connection to the city centre.