At the PROTO Discovery Factory, in addition to valuing curiosity, creativity, and inventiveness, we also prioritize the desire to change and discover the world around us and understand the impact of our actions on nature. That’s why we actively work on reducing our environmental footprint in PROTO, aiming to be a role model with our carbon-neutral goals, and pave the way for similar businesses. But how do we do it?

Here are PROTO’s environmental principles:

1. At the PROTO Discovery Factory, we always prioritize local products! Our exhibits are made locally in Estonia as much as possible, shortening the journey from idea to execution and conserving resources. We use natural materials, prefer recycling when possible, and gladly give new life to someone else’s old materials. We want tourists to get the same feeling – Estonia is a small, lovely, clean, sustainable country where people care about their environment.


2. Both students and families visiting the exhibition at the PROTO Discovery Factory can participate in various workshops dedicated to promoting sustainability. Also, environmental conservation topics are integrated into different PROTO programs.


3. The catering principle at PROTO is simple – waste and pollute as little as possible! In other words, food at our café and events is always locally sourced, diverse, organic, and healthy, and vegetarians can find dishes to their liking. Moreover, there is no place in the PROTO Discovery Factory for cleaning products containing chemicals or raw materials containing air pollutants, fertilizers, or pesticides.


4. PROTO’s use of heating and electricity, water, and other resources is as efficient as possible; we constantly monitor consumption and brainstorm new cost-optimization strategies.


5. We’ve compiled a sustainable event planning guide for events organized at PROTO, based on which we plan our program and share with other organizers.


6. We regularly train PROTO employees on environmental topics and encourage them to take the initiative in achieving a more environmentally conscious mindset.


7. In the future, all PROTO visitors will be able to measure their visit’s environmental footprint and compensate it back to nature.



There are many parks around PROTO where you can take a walk or bike ride or have a pleasant picnic with loved ones before or after your visit.

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Green Key is an international eco-label intended for the tourism industry, and since 1994, it has been the leading standard recognizing environmentally friendly and sustainable operations of tourism businesses. Today, 3600 companies from 60 countries worldwide have joined the label.

The international leader for Green Key is the Foundation for Environmental Education, and in Estonia, the label is coordinated by EAS – Enterprise Estonia Tourism Development Center in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Center, SEI Tallinn. A high level of environmental conservation is ensured by activity documentation, impartial auditing, and on-site inspections.